Ace Case is the world’s one-stop-shop for asexual characters in literature. Whether you’re somewhere on the asexual spectrum, looking for a friend, or are just curious to see what asexual characters may be out there, you’ve come to the right place.

If you know of a character who could be asexual, please let me know so I can feature them here. The genre doesn’t matter; I’ll take everything you’ve got from poetry to fiction to graphic novels to stage plays and beyond. However, as this site deals with literature and publishing, I’m currently not accepting submissions on movies or TV.

Why am I doing this? Because millions of people identify as asexual, and yet hardly any books feature asexual characters. Because it’s time we were represented. And because with the way things currently stand, if you google asexual characters in books, you’ll have to comb through hundreds of forums and Tumblr posts, and even then you may only get a title or a name. I hope to change that. I want there to be one site where you can find a character on any end of the spectrum of any race or gender identity and any genre. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions and reviews, links to where you can find the book, and much more.

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